Candice D. Golez, MD

Dr. Candice: Your Family Practice Doctor for a Healthier Life

Image Dr. Candice Golez of Hanford, CA
Dr. Candice Golez

"Medicine is about healing. But it's also about helping patients with education ... not waiting for them to
get sick."

Professional Associations

American Academy of Family Physicians

American Academy of Fertility Care Professionals

California Association of Natural Family Planning

Catholic Medical Association

Kings County Medical Society

Would you like a physician ...
  • Who truly believes you should be actively listened to?
  • Who strongly encourages your questions and concerns?
  • Who provides a sympathetic ear?
  • Who will encourage you to lead a healthier lifestyle?
  • Who believes in the Sanctity of Life?
Candice D. Golez, MD is all of the above and more.

As a Board Certified Family Practice Physician, Dr. Golez offers ...
General Adult Medicine
General Pediatric Medicine
Women's Health
Minor Procedures
School Physicals
Sports Physicals
DMV Physicals
PLUS Dr. Golez is the only physician in the Hanford-Visalia area who specializes in NaProtechnology™.

NaProtechnology™ is a new Women's Health Science for treating irregular periods, ovarian cysts, PMS, infertility, and practicing NFP.

Medicare, Sante, and most private health insurance carriers

Dr. Golez also welcomes emails. You can write her here.

Dr. Golez serves patients in the following California cities: Hanford, Lemoore, Corcoran, Laton, and Visalia.
Plus surrounding communities.

(559) 410-8412

Walk-Ins Welcome
900 W. 7th Street, Suite 102
Hanford, California 93230

Monday — Friday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Image Jean Coelho of Hanford, California "I have been working with Dr. Golez since December and have been successfully implementing the Fertility Care system. I began struggling with a hormone imbalance at around 35, after the birth of my third child. I had to travel to the Bay area to find a doctor that wouldn't prescribe contraceptives (the pill) to "try" to balance my hormones. I am so thankful that Dr. Golez knows how precious life is and wants to help her clients find true healing for their fertility issues. With her here now, I have hope. Without her pioneering this important healthcare for women in my hometown, I would still be traveling to Northern California for that help. She is also a wonderful doctor for my whole family. My kids love her! Thank you Dr. Golez! May God forever bless you and your practice!" Jean Coelho, Hanford, CA